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Volunteer Your Time

Some projects are never undertaken due to lack of appropriate personnel. If you are interested in volunteering for the Center, send an email to and find out more about opportunities for volunteer work.

Personal Contribution

Currently, research studies have uncovered lots of information about the genetic causes of deafness, and more is being discovered everyday. As a Center, we are interested in translating these discoveries into useful applications. This includes:

  1. Developing educational resources about genetic deafness and genetic tests for the deaf and hard of hearing and their families
  2. Developing genetic tests for newly discovered deafness genes
  3. Providing better genetic counseling services to keep pace with expanding genetic testing
  4. Promoting research on genetic deafness in the hopes of understanding how different forms of genetic deafness occur and how they might be treated in the future

These projects take time, money, and personnel, resources that are always in short supply. Send an email to for information about ways to help us through your personal contribution.